Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Night To Remember

We are so blessed to have the most amazing aunt and uncle live up the road from us.
My Aunt Loretta and Uncle Gerard are so fun and creative.
They raised 5 amazing kids.
Growing up we LOVED going to their house.
We got to do wild and crazy things that was everyday life for my cousins.
Now we live only 15 minutes from them.
We don't see them nearly enough.
(I need to work on that!)

Last night we spent the evening with them.
My girls went to sleep with smiles on their faces!

My cousins built this sweet cabin all by themselves.

Complete with a sleeping loft

and the most amazing view. 

My girls LOVED the play house!

This is no ordinary teeter tater - it spins too!

I know this picture is blurry
(I need to read my manual)
but I had to show you the joy on Addy's face.
She LOVED this!

Go Nana Go!

Addy felt safer on Josh's back.

Of course Maggie couldn't be left out!

It was such a special night for us.
You leave my Aunt and Uncles house wanting to be a better person-
they are incredibly thoughtful and caring.
They have a love for God's creation and are the BEST stewards.
They seek adventure and are always pushing to try harder- in play and work.
Josh and I have always looked up to my Aunt and Uncle 
and we dearly hope that our girls turn out as amazing as my cousins.

So thankful for family!

Hope you are inspired by someone you love today!

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  1. oh my goodness! what a fun place!! I love the little cabin and playhouse! my kids would just die!