Saturday, July 9, 2011

An Afternoon At Glacier Park

We took my folks to the beautiful 
Glacier National Park today.
What an amazing display of God's creation!

It's really hard to get a family picture with everyone looking at the camera!

We had a great day!
LOVE being outside and enjoying summer!
Josh and I decided it's ok if we're busy the rest of the summer-
as long as we're busy doing fun stuff!

Hope you can go outside and play today!!


  1. what a beautiful place! my aunt and uncle that i told you about go to glacier park...great pics! what are you so busy with? going anywhere fun??

  2. Amy...we're heading there on Aug. 1st with our company from Boston!! Can't wait to see this amazing place again. Were you able to go to the top (hwy to the sun)? I think it's still closed, hopefully it will be open to the visitor's center by the 1st of August.

    I can't play today, at the shop working, but hey, it's so much fun here, it's just like playing!