About Little Ol' Me

Jeremiah 29:13~And you will seek Me and Find Me, when you search for Me with your whole heart.
John 15:11~  These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may remain full.
Scout- v. to make a search for someone or 
       something in various places
I'm Amy and I am so delighted that you found this lil
 blog of mine.  
As you know, this motherhood gig is no easy thing.  
But I've discovered the secret of TRUE joy- 
seeking our Heavenly Father!  
It's true!  
We can fill our days with countless things that we think will bring us joy- but in the end, without Christ, it's just an attempt to fill a void only God can fill.

God tells us that if we seek Him, we will find Him.  He also promises that our joy will remain FULL in Him!
So I'm on a mission.
I'm 'scouting' out joy in the every day.
Some days it's difficult.
Reeeeeeally difficult.
(like lock yourself in the bathroom with a handful of cinnamon bears difficult)
But with my focus on Him, He will guide me to enjoy the little things in every day.
This space is where I document my search for joy by doing small things with great love. 

I hope you find encouragement here.


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  1. Found you...Chris from Philipsburg here. Love your new space Amy...your mission too. Looking forward to following this new journey of yours. Be blessed!