Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dollar Spot Fun

One of the things I love about kids
is they can take the littlest thing and make it fun.
I'm sure we've all had the experience when the baby plays more with the box than with the toy.
A few days ago I splurged and spent two dollars 
at the dollar spot at Target
and bought little squirt guns.

Don't mess with her
she means business.

The stand off

Addy was quite content
"Getting the Land Cruiser."

Don't you just love the simple pleasures of Summer?

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. summer is super simple isn't' it? i love that. hope you're having a great day too :)

  2. Amy...just read your replys...I'll be in the shop on that Monday the 18th, the only day your in the area. If you can, postpone your day in town from the 17th to the 18th...hopefull! ;)

    And...if your coming into town way of hwy 348 from rockcreek, you'll go right by my house on the left at the top of the hwy....we are 6 miles from rockcreek/348 up against a large hill, trees in the background, meadow all around the house, dark green, rusty brown with black trim house...if you wave I'll wave back! LOL