Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 On 10 : May

I got a fun idea from a blogger friend, Alicia.  She is absolutely precious! You should go check out her fun blog here:
She got the fun idea from this gal:

Basically you take 10 pictures in 10 hours every 10th of the month.  I'm pretty sure I took 25 pictures to get my 10- but I love pretending like I'm a photographer.  And I love capturing the little moments of our day. So here it goes:
Day starts at 5:00- Coffee and quiet time

Head to the gym at 6:00
Funny story- I work out with my friend Tawnya. She didn't have her little key thingy to get in and mine wouldn't work, so we went to Coffee Traders and had mochas with whip and scones.
My kind of work out!
7:30- My first sleepy head wakes up

9:00- Start school
10:30- Kaitlyn practices piano while I load the dishes
12:00- Lunch
While the girls eat, I quickly study what I want the girls to learn for science.
We're headed to California soon and plan to spend some family time at the ocean and go to an aquarium. Love that I can tie in school with a family vacation!
1:30- Nap time for Maggie
I love this picture because I told her to pretend like she's sleeping for the picture.
She couldn't stop giggling.
1:30-5:00- Playtime!  It was finally a sunny day and we took advantage of it!

 3:30- Maggie joined us

I got quite a bit of painting done.

Well, there you have it!  I didn't quite get the pictures in 10 consecutive hours- but I had fun documenting our day.
Hope you had a productive day!


  1. What great pictures...the little hands on the piano is so cute! Looks like a busy day!

  2. you are too cute! love that picture of the piano. and your little girl napping/giggling is priceless.


  3. Awesome painting you got accomplished today. Your day looked great. Oh, and photographers take LOTS of pictures and only show you the "good" ones so you did it just right!

  4. Can't sleep so I am dropping in from 10 on 10 wanted to welcome you to blogging. Your day looks like it was a productive one. Blessings,The Child's Paper

  5. Visiting from 10 on 10! Your girls are precious! Looked like you had a great day! And, I live in California (born & raised), so let me know if you need any ideas of what to do!

  6. Great pictures and beautiful girls.

    I am always trying to convince my running friends that one morning we should skip the run and just sit, drink our coffee and enjoy the morning.