Monday, March 2, 2015

Momma Craft Night

I'm writing this post with such a FULL heart.

On Friday I had a group of friends over for an evening of crafting, fellowship, and chocolate.
God put this idea on my heart a few months ago.
But fear and insecurity kept me from following through.

In January, I spent quite a bit of time praying about JOY in my life.
And again this idea of having friends over 
for a craft night came up.
So I finally followed through and I am SO GLAD I did!
I prayed all week that God would use this night to bless my fellow homeschooling momma friends,
but He truly used this night to bless me.

Here's what we made:

We used fun paper to cover notebooks and clipboards.
All you need is:

  • Fun paper
  • composition books
  • clip boards (Goodwill and Walmart is where I bought ours on the cheap)
  • Mod Podge
  • foam brushes
  • scissors
  • Cute adornments- ribbon, washi tape, . . .doilies(of course)
  • chocolate
It was so fun to watch these ladies create!
Each journal turned out so unique!
These are the two I made.

 I will say, no one else appreciated the doily as much as I do.
Hee hee.

The clip boards were just as fun.
I plan on using mine for clipping up memory verses on our wall.

It was such a great night.
I am so thankful for each gal who came.
It was a night filled with sweet conversations and lots of giggles.

I can hardly wait for our next gathering at the end of this month!

I would love to encourage you to step out and do something that has been lingering on your heart for a while.

You will be blessed!

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  1. I connect with this, due to the fact that I am in the 49th year….craving change and joy and peace. I/m ready to conquer!