Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dear 39 Year Old Self,

     Today is the first day of the last year in your 30's.  Wow. Not sure how that happened.  And because you know how fast these years have flown by, you really need to pay attention to this little pep talk.  Ready?
  1. Instead of examining wrinkles under the magnified side of your mirror (YIKES!), appreciate and cherish all the laughs, cries, and smiles that have put them there.  Go buy some anti-wrinkle cream and get over it.
  2. Instead of critiquing your body and pinching the extra squish on your hips, flex and feel proud about your muscles.  Stop comparing yourself to those adorable young 20 year olds.  You've carried, birthed and nursed 4 babies- be thankful for your health and that you've been blessed with a healthy body.
  3. You know that shirt you keep trying on but hate the way it grabs at all the wrong places- toss that puppy and go buy a shirt (or 5,  hey- it's your birthday) that you feel comfortable and confident in.
  4. Instead of feeling shy and insecure about how gooby you are- EMBRACE it!  You are exactly the way God designed you to be- your outrageously loud laugh and occasional snort and all.
  5.  Instead of feeling inadequate- remember that you are here for a reason and a purpose and do not be afraid to be who you are.  Share what's on your heart.   And chase after those bazillion dreams.
  6. Instead of saying yes to the countless good things in your life, save that time for your family and only say yes to the best things.
  7. Be bold in your faith- boast about all God is doing in your life.

Yes, it's tempting to set a bunch of goals or a bucket list- but be realistic.  Eat a few less cinnamon bears and a few more carrots.  Maybe cut the coffee back to 3 cups a day and drink more water. Try Sushi for the first time. Climb a killer mountain with your husband.  Wake up at the crack of dawn to watch the sun rise from the top of Mount Aeneas.  Embrace every single minute with your beautiful girls.  Let the dust bunnies hang out in the corners a little longer and go play with your family!

Now go eat another piece of cake and be thankful for the AMAZING life you've been given.

Your 39 year old self


  1. I love this, Amy! This is advice we can all use! It's always funny to me how I can be so much easier on a friend- more comforting, encouraging, etc. than on myself. We really are just way too hard on ourselves. I hope you have a fantastic year ahead... Happy Birthday! And thanks for sharing, I needed to read this tonight! :)

  2. I love this! The older I have gotten the more I have embraced myself...the good and the bad. How I would love to sit down with you for coffee and visit.
    Happy Birthday!!