Wednesday, February 26, 2014

If I Had A Bigger Kitchen

I buy a lot of furniture for my lil' shop at Station 8.
I love finding old cast off pieces and giving them a new life.
It's amazing what a lil' elbow grease and paint can do.

Every now and then I fall in love with a piece.

Which was the case here:

It's an old steam table from a restaurant.

Here's what she looked like when I brought her home.

 Actually, 'we' had already done a bit of work to it already.
The sweet man I bought it from, Jesse, used it as a work bench.
So it had a THICK 2x4 top to it and some type of fan built into the side.
He told me it was so strong it could hold a transmission.
I told him I was going to turn it into a kitchen island.
He didn't quite see my vision.

Here's another shot of the before:

That big hole is where the fan was.
But do you see the beautiful patina on those shelves?
Luscious I tell you!

Well, it has been sitting in my hubbie's shop since September and he was more than ready to get it out of there.
So 'we' began the transformation.

First it needed a serious scrub down.
We're talking years of kitchen grease embedded with saw dust.


Then my most amazing personal carpenter, aka my hot husband, built a beautiful wood top.

Then came the priming and painting:

It felt like a scene from ET.
Painting in winter in Montana is a pain in the keaster.

After several coats she was ready for her purty new top and into the shop she went.

I miss her already.
I love how the doors slide.

Here's the label all shiney.
I love details like this.

I know she'll go home with someone who sees her beauty like I do.

I would love for Jesse to see his old work bench now.

Now on to a new project . . .


  1. Wow, what a beauty! I so admire folks that can see potential in pieces like this one. I'm not that visionary. I know it's going to make someone very happy and I do hope you have a hefty price tag on it. :o)))

  2. Beautiful! You sure have a eye for stuff like this. I can think it when I see something but I just do not know how to follow through.
    Oh how I would love to go thrift shopping with you. :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  3. This piece is amazing, and I had no idea it had such a distinctive previous life! it could go in an entry, a kitchen, or perhaps an office!
    LOVE it! Colette

  4. Wow the table looks great! Great job in fixing up the piece!

  5. This is beautiful! I love how you can see such beauty in old pieces. You really have a gift!

  6. That is an amazing piece! I can see how it would be terribly hard to give up! I'm not sure I could!

  7. You have amazing talent, Amy! Wow! What a piece! I wish it would fit in my kitchen!