Thursday, July 25, 2013

We're Having Lots Of Fun

Hi Friends!

I didn't mean to take a break from blogging- 
it just happens when we're 
busy having fun.

So I'll try to catch ya up on all our happenings.

Last week was a very special week for 2 reasons:

1. Clara turned 8

2.  Clara chose to be baptized.

 This was such a special day- my heart is so FULL.

When we're not celebrating, we're playing!
We've been spending LOTS of time on the water.

(my BEAUTIFUL cousin and dear dear friend Grace)

 I spy a hottie husband jumping off the rocks.

And when we're not playing, we're working.

 Summer is my busiest season at Station 8, so I'm often outside painting furniture.

So with swim lessons, camping trips, and lots of river floats, we're enjoying our summer immensely. 

Hope you are too!


  1. Oh, how wonderful to be enjoying your summer. The birthday girl is adorable! And, the pics are beautiful and I can almost feel the fun. And, your furniture is awesome. Continue to enjoy!

  2. YAY welcome back!! I have missed seeing pictures of your sweet family. We had a 6th birthday over here last week as well.. Love those cute July birthday girls. What an exciting week Clara had!

    Loving the colors of your new projects! We are FINALLY moving and I am looking forward to doing some fun home shopping.

    Enjoy your week!

  3. Fun! Love the colors that you're painting your furniture. And that picture with the sun shining down is SOO pretty!