Monday, August 13, 2012

Scenes Fron The Weekend

Happy Monday My Friends!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!
We had a great weekend!  
My folks are here!  Wahoo!!

My handsome hubbie celebrated a birthday on Friday.

His one birthday wish was to go kayaking just the 2 of us.

 Oh my goodness did we have fun!
This was my first time taking the kayak into water with some rapids.

Super fun! 
(and a wee bit scary)
I only almost fell out once.

Four hours on the river with my best bud- 

The rest of the weekend was spent having fun with my folks.
We took them to the Alpine Slide

 Then Papa treated us to rootbeer freezes!

Last night was a lazy evening with bike rides and rocket launching.

 Some people got a little fancy with their launching technique.

It was a great evening.

And Clara lost a tooth!
Hopefully she'll pull the other dangling one today!

Have a wonderful start to your week!


  1. oh, this is TOTALLY fantastic!
    i have been thinking about you NON stop girlfriend!
    is that weird?
    well, i say a prayer when the Lord brings you to mind. :)
    i'm LOVING the pics of grandma and grandpa! priceless!
    and those girls? well, too cute for words.
    confession: i was thinking about the gift i have STILL sitting here for you.....GUILTY!!!
    i have no 'good' excuse/explanation for why it is still here.
    God's timing is perfect, even when mine is not! :)
    love ya!

    ps i love that you say folks. melts my heart. :)

  2. oh i see that other one dangling there :) haha...jack just lost both of his in the last 2 weeks. happy bday to your hubby!! and yes, i'm calling you soon! we MUST catch up!

  3. Your folks are totally adorable! What a great weekend spent with the hubby! I would die in a kayak but it looks sooo fun! Happy Birthday to hubby! xoxo

  4. What a fun weekend! Are you going to participate in the School Room Hop at iHomeschool Network? I'd love to see your "homeschool spaces". :)

  5. Oh how fun! I am totally smitten with kayaking. Hope you are having an awesome Monday!

  6. gotta love it when their birthday gifts are like a gift for you, too! : ) how fun!! happy belated birthday hubby!

  7. looks like such a fun weekend!! where is that alpine slide, that looks like somewhere my son would LOVE!!