Thursday, August 16, 2012

Addy Is Five!


We have been busy celebrating our Addy who turned FIVE yesterday!

I LOVE birthdays!  
I love the opportunity to TOTALLY focus and bless one kid!
We have a little gig in our home where we have 'friend parties' on certain years.

 FIVE is one of those special years!

We had an ICE CREAM party for lil' Miss Addy!

 Can we say sugar overload?

With 6 little cuties attending the shin-dig, I wanted to make sure to keep them busy.
So we played a few games.

 They made ice cream bookmarks.

 Pin the cherry on the ice cream.

 And an ice cream cone relay race.

It was a lovely afternoon.

And an EXTRA BIG thank you to my mom who helped me make all the ice cream decor!


Hope you have a SWEET day!


  1. Happy Birthday sweet Addy! That party was fabulous and so special! You are one awesome mama!!! love! xoxo

  2. Happy birthday...what a fun party!! Love all of the decorations...

  3. How fun! My Joshua turns 5 at the end of this month! I might have to see if I can win him over with an ice cream cone party instead of fireman party. I will probably lose. But it will be worth trying.

  4. Happy Birthday Addy, what a lovely party :-)

  5. happy birthday to the beautiful gal!! what a sweet thing! and hello cutest party ever!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Addy! Such a fun party. Hard to beat ice cream!

  7. oh, this is precious!!!
    great job, mama!
    i'm LOVING all of the creative party ideas.
    a day to remember, for sure!

  8. oh my word!!! so fun!! i love all the special touches. love it! an ice cream party...wonder who's idea that was, amy?? ;)

  9. Happy Birthday Addy!!!! Now you can hold up all five fingers when someone asks you how old you are. I remember doing that when I was 5. Hope you had the sweetest birthday....God bless you during your 5th year and always!!!!!! Mic a@ The Child's Paper

  10. What an adorable party! For my next birthday maybe I should consider a donut party :) !!! Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter!