Monday, June 25, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a few days of rest and fun!

Since my babies were still sick, it was a pretty low key weekend for us.

This yucky bug  has wiped my girls out
I kept finding them asleep in random places around the house.

After a week of being 'nurse mommy'
I needed a bit of time to myself.  
Ya know the feeling?
So my sweet husband let me escape all by myself for a few hours.

With a donut as my only companion

 I hit the road.
Awwwww . . . . do you hear it?
Quiet . . .  .
I didn't even have the radio on . . . .

And I scored some good loot.
Here are a few of my goodies

I came home a refreshed and much more patient momma.

I'm still moving a few pieces of furniture around from when we switched the girls rooms.
Nothing like a little home fluffing  . . .

 I like this little reading knook we created in the classroom.

A few of my girls started to feel a little better Sunday afternoon

 so they created a few masterpieces for my fridge.

Sunday I snuck in a bit of garden time.

Chives . . . .

 they look harmless enough don't they?
Even kinda pretty when they go to seed.
But beware . . . 

 They can reproduce like rabbits and 
take over your strawberry patch.

 So I hired some hot guy to help me get rid of those lil' boogers.

That's how I plan to spend my Monday morning-
making a little progress in my weed strawberry patch.

Hope you have a productive start to your week!


  1. Sounds like a good low-key weekend :) I love the old fan... it is on my list of wants!

  2. i love chives.....they are such a cool plant. a lot like licorice. now, that's such a pretty plant as well. do you have any? you should plant some!

    i hate having sick kids in the summer. it just feels so wrong!!

    i love everything in your house. the rotating book holder is AMAZING!!!

  3. Hope your sweet kidlets are better and Massive Kudos to hubby for encouraging your road trip. Great finds, btw. Just followed your blog!

  4. As you know :) I love your reading area! Glad you guys are on the mend....xo

  5. so yah.
    i totally want that reading nook!
    whoa! that is totally CUTE!

    i'm so glad that your girls are feeling better!

    AND! i want to go antiquing SO badly!!!


  6. i LOVE your reading nook!! and ummmm, is that fan gonna be in your etsy shop? :) glad your girls are feeling better.