Friday, June 22, 2012

An Interesting Week

Happy Friday My Friends!
I hope you all have had a wonderful week!

Mine turned out a little different than planned. 
Starting Monday the girls all got sick.
Like really sick.
So instead of VBS and swim lessons, 
it was barf buckets and lots of naps.

But I am very HAPPY to say that it looks like we're at the tail end of this yuck- Alleluia!

Since the girls were under the weather 
and zombied out in front of a Netflix cartoon marathon,
I had a little time to do a silly craft.
I bought a lamp at a garage sale over a year ago and just got around to making it more fun for the classroom. 
I was inspired by this pic I found via Pinterest.

I had a bazillion ugly buttons ready to be used for this craft.

Here's the lamp before she got an aqua paint make over.

In between snuggle times and  switching the cartoon 
I glued on all the buttons.

And here's how she turned out

She looks fun all lit up

Hello happy lamp.  
Thank you for adding a little quirky fun to our classroom.

I hope you have fun plans for the weekend!