Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Camp Clara

It's been a while since I've checked in around these parts.
Funny how life can be so sweetly busy that you neglect certain areas of your life.
I'm hoping to connect here more often
(I've said that before haven't I?)

But I am HERE TODAY and I have a super fun (and last minute) party to share with you.

Our sweet Clara turned 10 last week.

We don't do 'friend/theme' parties every year, but you better believe that turning double digits is such an occasion that we do!

We have been delightfully busy with company and fixing up our new house (what???  more on that later)
so I was quite surprised when I realized I had about three days to whip Clara's party together.
That's when Pinterest and super gracious friends who understand your last-minuteness, come in handy.

Clara decided on a camping theme- and it was SO FUN to plan!

 As with most of our kid gatherings, crafts were involved.
Since we had the camping theme, I tried to stick to natural craft supplies- which was also super cheap and fun to gather!

We had a few fun crafts planned:
  • rock painting
  • tree stump tick-tack-toe
  • stick weaving
  • stick stars

The kids had a blast and were so creative!

 (crafting in pj's- yes please!)

 I had SO MUCH FUN decorating the cake and was inspired by my dear friend Alicia Hutchinson who had a camp themed party a few years ago.
Thankfully she was visiting a few days before the shin-dig, so she told me just what to do.

The BRILLIANT thing about a camping party, is all those sweet giggly girls are all "sleeping" outside.

For a fun gift to take home, 
they each made their own jar of trail mix.

I think Maggie's was mostly chocolate.

They also took home a fun flashlight

And some treats of course!

It was such a fun party and Clara was so thankful!

 Love that girl!


  1. Yay a post my friend. I know life gets busy and blogging takes a back seat...
    Such a fun party! Getting ideas for a future party. :)

  2. that's adorable! how clever. Homeschooling mom of 4 here...I have been on your blog in the past but coming back to it because my hubby and I keep dreaming of living in Montana...and now I shall stalk you to find out more about living there ;)