Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Fresh Start!

You found me!

Welcome to my new blog!
I am so excited 
about this fresh beginning.
(and nervous . . . because I'm weird like that)

Without writing a novel, I want to explain why the new digs.
I started Blissful Blooms just about 3 years ago with a heart full of wistful dreams.
I had just starting selling  fabric blooms at a local shop and quickly had visions of a booming Etsy shop . . .
where I would make bazillions on my fabric petal creations . . .
I would make enough to help pay the bills . . .
and need to build a huge studio to keep up with the demands . . .
and Country Living would highlight my product . . .
and because of all this my blog would have a bazillion followers . . . 
and I would become friends with all the 'popular blogger girls' . .  .

oh. dear.

Did I just admit those visions outloud?

Silly me.
I can laugh at myself.
I need to a lot actually.
Keeps me humble.

So all that to say the beginnings of my first blog came from a vain gooby wishful heart.
But in the midst of all my nonsense, my blog became a place where I met real down to earth, amazing  friends.
(which still feels weird, but it's so true)
Friends that I would hop on a plane and fly across the country to meet and hang out for the weekend!

It became a place for me to document the sweet 'ins and outs' of life with my precious family.
It became a place to share crafts, and recipes and pretend like I'm a photographer.
It inspired me to take pictures,
lots and lots of pictures.

 Eventually my blog content didn't match up with my gooby blog name.
And all the while, life got really busy.
Too busy.
A sweet friend shared an illustration with me that makes perfect sense to my heart.
We each have our own size plate- unique to how God created us.
Some of us have large platters and we're able to fit a lot on our plate.
Others of us have little saucers, and it doesn't take much to overfill our plates.
I, my friends, have a very small delicate china saucer that fills up quite quickly.
And when it starts to overflow, it's not pretty.
This school year I thought I could handle a platter load, but my little saucer heart is not surviving.

I allowed the business of life dictate what I thought I had time for.
I stopped making time for the little things that bring me joy.

Don't get me wrong, I am SO VERY (very very very) thankful and happy and love this life I have been blessed with.
My sweet family makes me laugh every single day.
My heart is overflowing with blessings.
I just want to be more intentional with the precious time I have been given.
And even if it feels a bit selfish, allow myself to take some time to do the things that bring me joy.

This blogging gig brings me joy.
So here I am.
Starting fresh.
My hope is to encourage you to find time to do the little things that bring you joy.
I would love for you to hop on over to my About Me page to read my vision of this lil blog.

Cheers to a fresh start!!


  1. Love your new blog sweet friend. So happy I follow you on instagram as well....

  2. Happy to continue to follow your new digs. Nothing like a fresh start, new beginnings, a new journey, etc. Blessings over you Amy and your sweet family! Chris (Philipsburg)

  3. Love your new space! I just noticed you new blog when I was checking out your IG feed!