Friday, December 6, 2013

Slow Down and Let Some Things Go

Happy Friday!

How many of you have laid in bed this week fighting the aches of anxiety about all you hope to do in the next three weeks?
My hand is raised and I have the dark circles under my eyes to prove it.

 I have decided, as hard as it may be, to let some things go.
In order for us to fully enjoy this beautiful season, we've got to slow down a bit.
I am rearranging our schedules to make time for the fun stuff.
The important stuff.

So with all that rearranging, I am trying to make Fridays a little more relaxed these next few weeks, so we can stop hustling, breathe and enjoy!

For this family of 4 little girls, that often means crafting and baking.
So today I have a SUPER SIMPLE craft.
I was inspired by a picture I came across on Pinterest (of course)
Unfortunately I couldn't find who to link this fun idea to.

 Here's how we created ours!
We gathered a bunch of paper scraps left over from Kait's party, construction paper, glue sticks and glitter.

 The "challenge" for crafting in our household is finding a craft that a 10 year old thinks is fun, but is also doer friendly for a 4 year old.

 This was such a simple craft that I gave them the quick directions 

and off they went.

While I was  tackling 'Mount Fold Me' in the living room
These sweeties were snipping, gluing and singing Jingle Bells.

Here's what they created:

You know I adore the way Maggie's leans to the left.

It didn't take much to create some time to let these girls create.
Today we're going to make decorations for our classroom Christmas tree!

I hope you're able to clear some things off the calendar to create simple sweet moments with the ones you love!


  1. You are such a sweet mama and care for your girls in the best way. Xo. Thank you for your prayers. I'm grateful.

  2. you ARE such a great mama. I'm letting lots go this year too. a baby and so many hurdles this year have not left much for me to go crazy with Christmas. I think that'll be ok. kids are good with simple. love you.

  3. What an adorable idea! I love it! :)

  4. How fun!!
    Yes this time of year is crazy and my older daughters birthday is the week of Christmas...Crazy!

  5. You always bring a smile to my face and heart because you definitely know what matters and that is so, so important. How blessed your precious daughters are to have a Mom like you. Their trees are the cutest! I may have to do this with my little Granddaughter. She loves to glue and paste.
    Christmas blessings my dear!