Friday, November 22, 2013

Three Crafty Christmas Trees

Since Station 8 has a Christmas open house the first weekend in November, 
I always get a jump start to my Christmas crafting.
I love to add a touch of home made goodies to my space.
(plus I love any excuse to plug in my glue gun and break out some glitter)

One of the things I made were these fun Christmas trees

The first one I made was from some wooden biscuits I "stole" from my hubbies shop.

I started off by gluing the first layer around the styrofoam tree.

 Then I just continued to glue around covering all the gaps.
After they were all glued on, you could see the '10' imprinted on each biscuit.
So I covered the whole thing with a coat of white paint and then a fun layer of glitter.

It didn't quite turn out like I imagined.  It kind of looks like my girls made it, 
but I keep telling myself it has rustic character.

The next one I made was my favorite.
I used vintage dictionary pages, a circle punch, a tree form and pins.

 I just punched out a bazillion circles, folded them in quarters, and pinned away.

And the last one I made was the easiest.
I simply hot glued twine around the tree form.

It's a little 'plain jane'
But sometimes simple is better.

Have you started any Christmas projects yet?
I'm hoping to start a few hand made gifts this weekend.

But I'll probably wait a few more weeks.

Hope you get a chance to break our the glitter this weekend!


  1. Now, aren't you just a creative genius! Such cuteness and they look nice just sitting together. Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. My goodness they are all so precious!!!!Looking forward to seeing your ideas for Alicia's Handmade Giving Series!!!!!!!

  3. Love that you got some time for craftiness. We need that sometimes :)

  4. These are so perfect, Amy! I'd love to make a whole forest of them to display this Christmas!