Thursday, September 26, 2013

It Doesn't Take Much

We've had a great start to our school year,
but it's been a lot.
A bigger school load.
A full day of enrichment classes.
Waking up earlier in order to get it all done.
Just a lot.

All good stuff of course,
but just a lot less time to . . . well relax.

I was reminded this past Sunday, that it doesn't take much to make a day special.
Addy just finished a study on the book Three Names.
One of the activities was to visit an old barn.
So after church we grabbed lunch at our favorite burger joint,
and went on an old barn hunt.

This barn was AMAZING!
So incredibly beautiful!

I know it's a bit of a fuzzy picture, but do you see those wooden nails?

 (and then of course I went a little picture crazy)

It was a beautiful afternoon.
We all LOVED it.
I was sweetly reminded that it doesn't take much to connect with my family.
After a FULL week, it's so important to reconnect
and explore
and giggle
and feel so overwhelmingly blessed with what I've been given.

Addy's book this week is Owl Moon.
We just may need to go back at night and go 'owling.'

Hope you get a chance to find a simple moment to reconnect with the ones you love!


  1. I know what you mean! I am so busy schooling the kids, I hardly have anytime for myself and hardly anytime with the hubby. You are so correct doesn't take much! Love the pics!. Your hair is so long and the curls!

  2. What a sweet post! We have been so busy with school as well but it has been good for us all to have routine. I love seeing your sweet pictures. Your girls are so cute in those sweet cotton dresses and that barn IS amazing! Have a relaxing weekend!

  3. This is as magical as it gets. I may or may not be getting in the car right now to come find this barn and then I will be buy for a diet coke on your porch :) lol. xo

  4. Oh, the pictures of you and the girls on the fence/gate belongs in a magazine!!! In fact many of these would win awards. Your girls remind of LIttle House on the Prairie. They are so adorable! Happy weekend!

  5. Love the cute pictures of your family! Such a beautiful place to spend the day.

  6. Lovely pictures, what a beautiful day!