Wednesday, May 29, 2013


God's been teaching  me a few lessons lately.
The main topic has been keeping a godly perspective.

We all have crummy days.

 Particularly, last Tuesday started off a bit challenging for me.

 Most of you know I'm a  bit of a gardening nerd.
Oh it brings me so much JOY!
 Montana had been experiencing quite the warm spell,
so I pressed my luck and started planting my annuals
(even after my wise hubbie warned me not to).

 And I woke up to this.
Inches of HEAVY wet snow weighing down anything it landed on.

 Including my prize geraniums and freshly weeded strawberries and tall but fragile raspberries.

 Needless to say I was not thrilled with this morning surprise.
I might have gasped loudly.
And you bet your bottom dollar I was out there in my jammies scooping off that stinkin' snow, and shaking the branches of my plum tree and lilac bush.

All the while God spoke to me.

He had to speak louder than my grumbles at first.
But then I started to seek His voice and asked for the right attitude.

He brought to mind the families in Oklahoma.

And dear friends who are going through much harder struggles than my stinkin' snow.

I prayed for a good attitude.
I stayed in the shower until I felt the tense grumbles fade.
He answered my prayer and by the time I was flipping pancakes I could (kinda) laugh at the situation.

But here's the thing:
At that moment, when I was fa-reezing, trying to save all my perennials from the weight of the snow,
 the stinkin' snow felt HUGE to me.
(did I mention how much I love to garden?)

By the afternoon, the sun made an appearance, and my plants looked like there was going to be hope.

Today, you can hardly tell they were smooshed to the ground.
(a few still look a little wonky- but it adds character right?)

My point is this- when we're in the middle of a crummy day-or week- or month- it's easy to have blinders on and focus only on the burden.
We can't see the whole picture.

But we can CLING to the TRUTH that God is in control of every single situation.
So instead of focusing on the struggle, we should be encouraged to seek His voice and His point of view.

(from our hike on Sunday)
I know it's much easier to say this than actually do this.

I have 2 memorials to attend this week and I cannot even imagine the heartache my friends are facing.

My prayer is that we would seek His comfort, even when we don't understand and would rather blame Him.

Oh I hope you have a relationship with the ultimate Comforter.
He's faithful in little trials as well as pit of the heart ache.

So if you're in the middle of a struggle, I encourage you to talk to Him.
Even if you don't usually pray.

James 4:8  
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.


  1. oh my word! that last picture makes me want to hop on a plane TODAY!!! soooo sooo pretty! such a good lesson from the snow. and i KNOW you were out there in your jammies. i can just see you!

  2. I hear ya...I can get bogged down with my "little" worries and setbacks. Praying for myself a lot lately too that I would have a better perspective.
    And I agree with Alicia. That last picture is amazing! I'd love to see that in person.
    Enjoy the day that the Lord has made!

  3. I'm happy to hear your plants bounced back and so did you. :) It is sometimes hard to have perspective but oh so important. Enjoy your day!

  4. Perfect post for me to read today. We have had a little something going on here and I have been so mad and upset the past week about it but I know that I am not in charge. God has bigger plans I just need to be patient.
    The last picture is just should frame it.:)

  5. Wow, I needed to read that this morning. we had snow too, life is tough right now, a bit like a sinking ship and it feels good to know i'm not alone. :)