Friday, March 15, 2013


When you eat too many of these

You need to have a dinner full of these

You need to put aside the chores

 and soak in the afternoon sun
listen to new music
while wrapping to your heart's content.

Or what about rapping to new music while you're wrapping.
(sorry, couldn't help myself.  Word up.)

Sometimes you have to switch up the school schedule

 to squeeze in a little arts and crafts.

We were reading about the Silk Road and Marco Polo's journey to China
 so we made a few Chinese lanterns to brighten up the room.

an art project will inspire sweet girls to craft on their own

 and make lanterns for their room.

Sometimes I have fun ideas for the blog, 
and I just don't do them.
I know I've been a bit quieter around these parts.
I'm just enjoying time with my family and a little slower to pick up the camera.
You understand don't you?

Hope you have a splendid weekend!


  1. Love those sweet lanterns. I love your little school room. Enjoy your weekend! Hope it is relaxing.

  2. oh i love the lanterns!! did you go to deep dark children's to find that idea?? :) just kidding. i've noticed you've been a little quiet over here. i get like that too. it's all good.


  3. Love the lanterns the girls made for their bedrooms! I bet Juliana would enjoy making some for her room.
    So funny that you posted a picture of donuts because I have been craving a donut and though that this weekend might be the perfect time to fix my craving.
    If feel like I do not have much to share on my people really want to see only pictures of my kids? I feel like that is all I am posting right now.
    Have a great weekend!