Monday, March 25, 2013

Scenes From The Weekend

Goooood Monday Mornin' To You!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

We had the most relaxing and fun-filled weekend.
Don't you just love weekends like that?

Saturday = Sleeping in

And a festive breakfast.

After a few chores 

and baking
we headed out for a hike.

It was a beautiful day with the sun shining bright.
But it was still quite chilly.
Just look how fun this ice is!

Then we had fun coloring some eggs

 in order to prepare for our early egg hunt.

We have super fun plans for Easter, but I didn't want to miss out on our lil' family egg hunt.

That silly bunny put a few eggs a wee bit high.

It was a lovely weekend indeed!

Now I'm off to lesson plan . . . 
Maybe the weekend was a little too relaxing!

Hope you have a marvelous day!


  1. Your weekend looks delightful! Love the family pictures. (and love that shirt you are wearing!!)

  2. Happy Monday friend!
    Looks like a great weekend. We had pancakes as well! What a fun way to start the weekend.
    How cool is that ice! Love the family picture...such sweet girls.

  3. i did my lesson plan yesterday morning too :) looks like the easter bunny was living on the edge a little bit with hiding those eggs to high!! we're dying eggs tomorrow night i think. so much to do, right!?

  4. Popping in to say "Happy Easter" to you and your family
    amy! We have signs of Spring up here too in Philipsburg...the birds are returning!!!

    I'm starting up a new adventure here in the Burg. The next time you stop in town, visit "Schnibbles", and check out "Attic Charm" (that's me) upstairs in the loft area...I will have a space like you at Station 8. So excited for this new adventure...will be set up by the end of April...come see my stuff! ;)

    Always enjoy seeing the photos of the girlies and your daily activies.