Monday, February 25, 2013

Singing The Blues

The blues
A funk
The mopes

Ever get down in the dumps and you just don't know why?

Yep, that's where I've been.

No big deal, I've been there before as I'm sure you have too.

But I entered my weekend determined to kick the mopies to the curb.
And I was pretty successful.

This was my 'get out of my funk' arsenal:

1. Extra time in the Word (funny how that always helps)
2. Paint 4 sets of sweet little toes.
3. Cookies and cream ice cream.
4. Junkin' time

(my goods)

5.  BACONator Burger date with a bestie
6. Afternoon coffee on the front porch
7.  Caving in and opening my Valentine treats from another bestie

8.  Embroidery for hours on end 
(I am officially hooked and I can't wait to show you what I stitched!)
9.  Chats with my hubbie
10.  Lots of deep breaths

We all get a case of the funks every now and then.
My silly list of sweet little things really helped me this weekend.
There was nothing big- just little moments for myself.
It was all I needed.

Do you need to take a minute for yourself today?

Hope you have a happy and content day!


  1. Oh yes I know the feeling! Sounds like you had a wonderful and jam packed weekend. Coffee on your beautiful porch, shopping, spending time with loved ones, friends and god. Oh and some yummy treats.
    Hope your week is looking bright.

  2. i was going to text you yesterday with some more ideas but it looks like you recooped pretty well. these m&m's were the ticket, no doubt ;)
    so here's my list anyway...
    -create a SUPER FUN themed gift basket for a bestie whose bday is this coming weekend...wink wink...cannot wait to ship this!!
    -order those caterpillars
    -organize something
    -plan next school year
    -lesson plan (hs nerds unite!)
    -cross out all those things on that list we don't want to do....
    -write a letter
    -bake a springy dessert...strawberry shortcake, cupcakes with flowers, lemon pound cake...

    ok. all cheered up?? wish i could come over. i need you too...

  3. Oh girlie! I am so sorry to hear you had the blues :( I am no stranger to feeling like this myself. Sounds like you found just the ticket to cure them! I love your positivity and how you are aware of how you are feeling and then take action to change it. Very encouraging! A lot of the time I just hang out there too long and that sure doesn't do anyone a bit of good! Big hugs to you sweet friend! xoxo
    ( got my last email reply right? just checking, cause I didnt want you to think i was ignoring you)

  4. Yes, think we pretty much all experience the blues from time to time. LIke you, I always try to tackle mine early on. I don't like to hang out there too long. So glad you were able to work through yours and I pray you have an extra happy week!

  5. the funks are just so ugly, aren't they! looks like you climbed out of them well and very tastefully! : )

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! A bag full of m&ms are sure to cheer anyone up!

  7. A funk?? Girl, I know all about funks...especially lately. We should have combined our "funks" together...I hear mopping together is sweeter than dealing with it alone. :-) I am thankful for Baconators. xoxxo