Monday, July 23, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Gooooood Monday Morning!

I hope you had a relaxing weekend.

We had sweet company arrive on Saturday,
so I have been busy preparing the last couple of days.
Don't you love the way having company gets your 
rear into gear
 on a few things you've been meaning to do?
Love that.

We had a very special day on Sunday.

 Our sweet Kaitlyn was baptized.

 I cannot tell you how this fills my heart with joy.

 I love that she was baptized by her Daddy and Pastor Matt.
(Pastor Matt was the one who baptized Josh and me a few years ago)

Even though I've asked my girls to slow down on the whole growing up thing.
It is pretty neat to watch your daughter make such an important choice.

We are so proud of you Kaitlyn!

We spent the rest of the day squishing in as much fun as we could.
We went up the mountain to try out the Alpine Slide- 

 basically it's a mellow luge- and it was SO FUN!

 Riding down a mountain super fast?  Yes please!

 We will definitely be doing that again!

We have a super fun week ahead playing with our family.

Hope you're able to squish in as much fun as possible this week!


  1. That ride down the mountain looks like fun. I did something like that once before years ago.

    I couldn't help but think during mass yesterday how amazing it is for a man to have the calling to become a priest. To devote his life in such a way. I'm so grateful that we have priest. And then after mass before our priest left, he walked over to Ella (our baby) and gave her a blessing as she slept in my arms. She is one lucky 4 month old!

  2. Have a wonderful week enjoying your family.
    I'll pray that you don't stress too much. :)

  3. oh i miss you!!! i wanna do that luge thingy. and YAY for kaitlyn!!!! so cool!!

  4. That slide looks like something I did in Tennessee when I was a kid.

    SO wonderful that your daughter was baptized. Nothing greater than to see our children walking in the faith.

  5. that mountain slide stuff looks like crazy fun! wow!!

    congrats to your daughter. what a joyous moment - something i pray for for my babies!!


  6. Wow! All kinds of fabulous in one weekend! Congratulations on your daughter's baptism! Nothing like it! xo

  7. Wow what a fun looking mountain ride! Looks like you had a great weekend.
    What an exciting day for you daughter.

  8. Congrats to sweet Kaitlyn! I teared up just looking at the photos! I can still rememeber the day my Faith was baptized...such a proud moment! Hope you are enjoying time with your family :) Hugs! xoxo

  9. What precious photos of one of the most important events of Kaitlyn's life. I remember that feeling that I got when our two children were baptized. Blessings!