Friday, June 8, 2012

Yo Yo Yo Buffalo!

Happy Friday Party People!

We had the BEST day yesterday!

Josh had to look at a job in a little town about 2 hours away.
He suggested we all go as a family and go to the National Bison Range on the way home.
Now I have to admit, my first thought was
"National Bison Range    . . . . um yeah honey . . . that sounds like fun"

Then I saw my half painted laundry room and the pile in the dining room that needed to go back into the other room we just painted, then there was the classroom that looks like a bomb went off . . . and the thought of 'losing' an entire day made my heart have irregular heart beats.

But then after a few deep breaths I came to my senses.
Days like yesterday is what it's all about.
The here and the now.
I have a dear friend who just watched her baby girl walk across the stage and receive her high school diploma.
As cliche as it sounds, this time with my baby girls is going fast!
Josh and I have decided that this summer is all about family time.
Creating those memories, making the moments that bring us closer as a family and makes this short time together special.
So ALL that to say . . .
we went and had the greatest day!

 This amazing pile of sheds was at the visitor center.

 Montana has the most amazing mountains!

I really thought we weren't going to see any animals,
but boy was I wrong!
We saw a brown bear with her cub, deer,
and then there were the bison.

We saw a few far off

Then we came around the corner to find this mass right off the road.

 He was shy at first.
But after a family of 6 yelling
"Yo Yo Yo Buffalo!"
 he shot right up and went right across the road!

 Oh hello there!

 The girls absolutely LOVED it!
They were glued to their windows.

We got out at a designated area and took a little hike.

It truly was an amazing day.

It was just what we needed.

So my encouragement to you is this:
it's ok to leave a messy house and make memories with your family.
It's so much MORE important than all the other things we busy ourselves with.
Guess what?
My half painted laundry room was waiting for me when I got home.

 So after a hike with some friends this morning,
I'll get back to all those projects.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend 
making sweet memories with your family!


  1. now that's a fun day!! holy cow that buffalo was upclose and personal. love your hair streaming out the window. looks like you had so much fun. happy weekend girlie.

  2. that first pic of you is adorbs!! (i'm totally coveting your bans at this point ;)) what a fun day!! did you know buffalo are actually really mean and like to spear people?? maybe not that second part, but they are really mean...and they can jump really high in the 10 feet or something crazy! ya, i'm got my buffalo know. no big deal.

    also, your little hallway area/laundry room look so good with that floor!! can't wait to see it in real life summer did we decide??'s on!

  3. love days like this.
    the unexpected, unplanned ones are the best!
    so glad you decided to go and spend the day with your seems like time is flying by so we have to make the absolute most of it right now{i'm telling myself that every minute}! :D
    happy painting this weekend! can't wait to see you work your magic on that room.

  4. I just love you. What a fun day! I am feeling the need to be more intentional with my family and not get so caught up in what needs to get done. I mean, don't get me wrong I don't ignore my children or anything it just seems like yesterday I had a baby and now we are slowing getting rid of all things baby around here. :(
    I love your laundry room colors! It is going to be so fabulous!
    Happy Weekend! xo

  5. you and i, knee deep in painting. i've only got another coat to put on and i'm done! it doesn't look like you're too far off either! your day looks like such fun! and i'm super jealous of your sunshine-y day!!

  6. I agree! Says the woman who is spending the first week of summer working on my classroom and projects, etc. I will play with my kids today! Thanks for the reminder! Love you!

  7. Great day! And I love how you showed the half finished paint job at the end. You're right. The messes will still be there. Glad you had fun! (saw your comment on Just a Night Owl and headed over to check you out! We also have four kids, but only one girl. :) )