Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valentine Wreaths

You may have noticed during your tour of my shop yesterday
a few festive wreaths.
They are very simple to make, but just take a bit of time and patience.

 I used a styrofoam wreath form for both.
I first wrapped them with neutral fabric so the back would be pretty.

 Then I cut out a bazillion and one red felt circles.

 I folded each circle in quarters and pinned them in
one by one.
Yes, it took a while.
And yes, my pointy finger was quite sore afterward.

Lastly I fastened some pretty vintage lace in the back 
so she could hang just right.

I did the same thing with the other wreath.
 But this time I used a bazillion and one dictionary pages 
cut into a flower shape.
 Cut, fold, pin, . . .

 and repeat!

I always make sure I like what I make for the shop enough so that if it doesn't sell, I would enjoy having it in my home.
I really like how this one looks over the piano.
Maybe I'll make another one with vintage sheet music.
After my pointy finger heals.

Oh, and if you decide to tackle one of these bad boys,
I suggest you do not pin while you're in bed . . .


Just sayin'

Hope ya'll have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Love those. You make it look so easy;). Stopping by via Alicia. Isn't she the sweetest thing?

  2. such adorable and fluffy hearts
    you've made



  3. girl! you are fantastic. love these. so glad alicia introduced me to you. : )

  4. love those and really want to try! have i mentioned before that alicia told me to check out your blog quite some time ago and it took me a while to get the courage to comment? :) saw you were featured today over there! so fun!

  5. I love, love, love the dictionary page wreath! I am just figuring where I would hang it!

    Do you have template for the flower or circle pattern you cut out?

  6. Oh my goodness those are adorable!
    I love making rag wreaths which are pretty time consuming despite their simplicity.
    I don't know if I could cut out all those paper flowers though!
    Stopping by after Alicia raved about you today!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  7. hey, girl!
    so good to meet ya! {via alicia}
    sounds like we have a lot in common. :)
    love your creations and your style!

  8. So so cute!! Love both of them! I'm one of your newest friends! Drop by for a visit sometime!!

  9. I spotted these beautiful wreaths via Pinterest, love them!

  10. Oh my gosh those are beautiful!!! I literally just walked in the door from Hobby Lobby and now I am going to have to turn around and go back because I MUST try one! Thank you for sharing, came over from your feature on Stuff and Nonsense and excited to follow you now!