Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh Buggerworm!

Well, happy wonderful Wednesday to you!
My laptop has apparently  contracted a lil' something called a 'buggerworm.'
So she's not cooperating at the moment.
I'm hoping to take her to the Dr. today.
So until then, I have to use our old computer, ol' Bertha.
She's already crashed once on me this morning.

So no new fun pics from me today.
A post without pics?
How boring can that be?
So I decided to look at the old pictures we have on ol' Bertha.

We are headed back to Helena soon for my cousins wedding.
I haven't been back since we moved in '06.
I found some pictures of our first house and thought I'd share.
Memories . . . .

 I loved that lil house.
I was so proud that we bought a house and didn't have to rent anymore.
It was a definate fixer upper.
I wish I had taken more before pictures, but here are a few.

 Here's the pile from remodeling the one bathroom.  
I don't have any before pictures,
but just imagine a tiny room, divided into two rooms,
painted peach with shell wall paper.
Oh yeah, she was purty.

So Josh gutted her.

Painting paneling is not fun.

My first attempt at a red accent wall.
Didn't I do a swell job?
It took two more exchanges at the hardware store and 7 more coats. 
Um . . . never going to have a red wall again.

 Here's the kitchen before the remodel.
Complete with gold counter tops and back splash, an avacado green stove, and yummy brown carpet.
Every cooks dream kitchen.

This was under the carpet we pulled upstairs.
It went really well with the Winnie the Poo wall paper.

 This was the 5th layer of wallpaper.
It started out with a charming whale print.

That's all the before pictures.
(Obviously before I was a blogger- not very many pics to choose from)

Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me.
Come back tomorrow for the after reveal!
How's that for a cliffhanger?
I know, you can hardly wait.

Have a absolutely marvelous day!


  1. OOOOOOHH! I can't hardly wait!! How mean of you :) What a cute little house, though. My hubby and i love looking at houses online and thinking past the bad wallpaper and paint and how we'd do it different. very fun! can't wait to see :)

  2. hi again- i just left a message on your last post!

    i remember our first little house- that feeling of being soo grown up and no longer renting!

    love the location of your lovely little it by a lake? ours was by a harbour beach in sydney..

    i'm looking forward to the made over photos- love those things!!

    melissa x