Saturday, July 2, 2011

We Escaped For A Few Days!

Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law,
Josh and I were able to go on an adventure.
Just the two of us.
No kids.
No sippy cups and snacks in my purse.
We didn't choose a restaurant based on whether they had chicken strips or not.

It had been a while.
Eight years to be exact.
And it was splendid!

We went to Spokane and stayed at the Davenport.
Wowza!  The Davenport is fancy shmancy!
Absolutely beautiful!

Ballroom dancing by myself

We had such a lovely time.
We walked around a lot.
Ate fun food
(including Chaps- something on my bucket list!)
Had lots of fun coffee
Went junking (I scored AMAZING stuff)
Went to a movie
(we never shop!)
And took our  time driving home
We stopped along the way and hiked to these gorgeous waterfalls.

We came back feeling refreshed.
We were excited to see the girls.
We decided we can't wait another 8 years to get away.
Hopefully once a year.
You can hold me accountable to that!

Now we're getting ready for my folks to come on Sunday.

Hope you have fun weekend plans!


  1. how fun! we don't get away together enough either. too hard with kids!! glad you had a good time :) xo, alicia

  2. The Davenport is so much fun Amy, we try to treat ourselves at least once a year (we went for Christmas a few years back and had a great time). Glad you had such a lovely, well earned break. Looking forward to seeing you at the Vintage Whites Market in Somers on the 16th. Happy Fourth, Marian

  3. Hey these pics look very familar!! So glad you guys had the "Davenport" experience! Wasn't it amazing? Looks like you had a special time away, alone, and refreshed.