Friday, June 17, 2011

Easiest way to be a fun mom? Have a sleep over!

It's still been a bit busy around here.
I keep thinking it will slow down after this or that.
Garage sale tomorrow and VBS next week- 
but then I think it should slow down.
Hopefully . . . .

I was feeling like a bad mom because I've been so busy.
Plus it really hasn't stopped raining all week
(perfect weather for a garage sale)
So I pulled the easiest trick out of my fun mom hat

Kait and Clara had their best friends stay over.

I love these "sleeping"pictures.
They wanted me to take pictures of them sleeping.
They are quite the actors- fake snores and drool even!

 We had pancakes and smoothies for breakfast.

See how good I am at making it even?
Ninja mommy skills
Maggie had syrup.
Life has forever changed.

Fort making, Barbies, dress up, movie in the middle of the day-
throw in a little glitter glue and you've just been nominated as a fun mom.

At least for this week.

Have a fabulous Friday!

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