Friday, June 10, 2011

10 on 10 : June

Good Morning!
It's the 10th of the month and I'm linking up with Rebekah.
Her challenge is to take 10 pictures in 10 hours.
I had so much fun last month that I thought I'd join in again.
Here we go:

Day starts at 6- Woohoo for summer vacation!
As always, I start my day with a big ol' cup-a-joe and God.
Even though it was raining and a bit chilly, 
I decided to have my quiet time on the porch.
(Do you like my new mug?)

7:30- Maggie wakes up and assists me in making breakfast.

 Mmmm . . . coffee cake muffins

8:30- Time to do a few chores

Um . . . note to self- I need a new cleaning lady
(I've been a bit busy lately- oops!)

10:00- Trying to be a fun mommy, I get out the dreaded Play Dough

11:30 Continuing with the fun mommy theme, 
we have a pedicure session

12:30- Lunch production

1:30- Nap time + rest time = Mommy time
Summer reading with a homemade frapaccino- 
Yes please!
A little leftover coffee, some milk, ice and a hand full of chocolate chips!
And I did learn something very important: 
July 17th is National Ice Cream Day!
I think that means we can have ice cream for breakfast!

2:30- the rain stopped for a bit 
so Addy and I did a little planting.

 Addy calls this "smooshing the roots"

3:30- It's still not raining (Alleluia!) so the girls create some outdoor masterpieces

While I do a little "distressing" on Addy's new chair

Well that's it folks!  Our day in a nutshell!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

I hope you have a fantastic Friday!


  1. your frappuchino looks yummy! i should try that :) happy to see you doing 10 on 10!! have a great weekedn!

  2. Oh I love your set and I dread playdough as well :). I will have to try your frappacino recipe, I always have a little leftover coffee! Beautiful girls, looks like they have a fun mom!

  3. Fun day. I think all moms dislike playdough but the kiddos love it so much. Love the pedis. Happy 10!

  4. Love that mug - and so many other things here. Those muffins look divine - never though of making my favorite coffee cake recipe as muffins. Clever girl.

  5. Those are a lot of toes to paint!!! You are one busy mommy...caught you on my sister's blog Knitting Mania. I love your Farmchicks mug...I can't wait to go back next year more prepared to encounter all that hoopla!